Pool Openings

Every summer, pool owners are eager to get their pool open and running again. However, a lot of time, work and know-how goes into this chore and most people find themselves unsure of how to do it. Our pool professionals are happy to take this chore off your hands whether you’re hopelessly lost as to what to do, don’t have the time, or just can’t stand the hassle and would rather leave it to the professionals.

Here’s what actually goes into the job when you choose us to get your pool up and running and ready for summer fun!

- Removing the pool cover

This may seem like a straightforward and easy thing to do. However, most covers have spent an entire fall and winter collecting leaves, water, sticks, and other goodies. This makes the cover very heavy. If you don’t know how to properly remove most the water and debris on the cover first, the cover may end up tearing or you may accidently dump everything that the cover was keeping out of your pool, right into your otherwise clean pool water. We’ll handle this messy and tricky job for you.

- Reconnecting The Filtration System

If your pool has been properly winterized then your filters have been removed and will need to be reinstalled. While removing the filters may have been an easy job, putting them back on involves servicing the pump, connecting all of the hoses and checking to make sure that nothing leaks. We have years of experience with this tedious job and can get it done right faster than you can say "cannonball!"

- Testing The Chemicals In The Water

This is something that should always be done by a professional. The water sample needs to be taken after adding any additional water that may have been needed to fill the pool and after the shock process. This can take hours, if not days to get right on your own. When you leave this job to us, we’ll get it done quickly and we always have the proper chemicals on hand to appropriately respond to the results of the test, balancing out the water in minutes.

- Skimming And Vacuuming The Pool

This will remove any algae formed during your pools closure and also any debris that may be left on the bottom of the pool or floating on the surface. It can very time consuming and tedious if you don’t have the experience and proper tools.

- Rechecking Of Chemical Levels

Chemicals will need to have been circulating in the pool for about a day before you can recheck the levels. However, it is important these are rechecked or you could have problems with the pool. That’s right, after everything we put into your pool opening, we’ll even come back the next day to run a final test and tweak your levels so that everything is perfect!

Call us today to schedule your hassle free and fast pool opening!

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