Loop Loc Pool Covers

When you choose Loop Loc to keep your pools safely separated from the rest of the world, you enjoy a very unique level of quality and security for your family. Following are some of the most important points you should know about when making this valuable purchase:

Loop Loc Unparalleled Quality--Unlike your conventional covers that work pretty much like laying out a tarp across the pool, the Loop Loc cover has some special features that make it perfect for the task at hand. A typical pool cover made of vinyl will not prevent tragedy if a household pet or, god forbid, a small child should fall into the pool.

All Loop Loc safety pool covers are fabricated to the high standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These clearly state that pool covers must be able to hold a certain weight and be free of openings that can allow for the passage of a small child. They should also feature a way to rid themselves of standing water.

The Quality of a Loop Loc far-exceeds the standards set by ASTM. They are fabricated from an extremely durable material that can resist heavy loads. This fabric is then secured over the pool by heavy-duty springs and brass anchors that hold the covering securely in place despite the added weight of a pet or human.

After this the Loop Loc safety cover is secured and "locked" in place ensuring that no one has access to the pool unintentionally.

The Loop Loc is made of a super dense mesh material that makes the ideal safety cover. The important advantage these mesh covers provide keeps water from collecting and forming a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Loop Loc Color Options -- Make no mistake about it, the Loop Loc will take up a large portion of the visual property in your pool area and a good aesthetic selection adds to the experience. The bestselling and trademark color is the green option. There are also Loop Loc Pool covers in blue, tan, black and gray.

Loop Loc Installation -- The first most important aspect of getting the most of your Loop Loc is getting the right fit. The safety specifications that the Loop-Loc can provide along with the 15-year warranty are only possible when the pool cover fits right.

If the cover were too small, the problems would be obvious. A pool that is too large for the specific shape of the pool will have too much overlap on the area around the pool. When this happens the Loop Loc can become easily damaged. These damages are not covered by the warranty, and this is why the proper fit is essential.

In order to achieve the best possible, fit one of our pool specialists will be dispatched to preform installation. We will take all the appropriate measurements including the pool and anchor points where the cover will be set. These measurements are then fed into a precision computer system that will translate the readings into a design for the tailormade Loop-Loc pool cover.

The entire process can be completed in 10 business days. Shipping times for the regular rectangle pools are greatly reduced.

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