BioGuard Chemicals Are Simply the Best

We are proud to be an authorized BioGuard Dealer because we believe that they are truly the best in the swimming pool business. We believe that our customers deserve to have superior products keeping their pools clean and well maintained. As an exclusive dealer, we have met the high standards set forth by the company in every way.

First of all, every member of our staff is highly trained in the use of the Bioguard chemicals we use to treat your pool. In addition to extensive training, our staff has the experience necessary to handle a wide range of complications that might arise.

With BioGuard, we are able to provide trustworthy service each and every time because we have the right equipment and knowledge to address your unique needs. The pool and spa services we offer all utilize these superior chemicals to ensure consistent results that you and your family can depend on.

The BioGurad training includes a specialized professional certification. In order to qualify, members must undergo extensive study on the tools and methods involved with using these chemicals. The line of products offered is extensive to ensure that each pool owner is able to address their needs throughout the year.

Our technicians will begin with the BioGuard ALEX software in order to analyze your water quality. This is the first step in the treatment process. With the in-depth analysis provided by this exclusive program, we can pinpoint the exact balance of chemicals necessary to make your swimming pool and spas in perfect shape for you to enjoy again. This will save you time so you can get back to enjoying your home.

The array of pool products we offer is extensive and includes everything that salt water pool owners need as well. For non-chlorine and salt pools, we can provide the same BioGuard quality and service that we do for our other clients.

The regular pool and spa product line carries everything you need to balance the pH and much more. If you are concerned about algae, we have the products to kill existing breakouts and prevent new ones from occurring. Likewise, if you have contaminants, we have shock to remove it.

There are various sanitizers available to keep the water clean. For those who live in communities with very hard or very soft water, you might have troubles with your pool water. This is particularly of concern with hard water mineral buildup. However, we have enhancers that will reduce these imbalances in your pool waters.

Just as you deserve excellent pool care during the summer, it is essential that you prepare your pool for the off-season. Otherwise, you will have a mess to deal with when spring hits. Our store has everything you need to prepare your pool for the winter.

We are proud to be an authorized BioGuard representative. Our staff is highly trained in the best techniques and chemical use related to pool service and maintenance. Stop by to find out how we can help you!

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